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Piksels4Yuu - A pixel art tool developed originally for Game Tools Hackathon [8 bits to Infinity]

NOTE: The jam version contains a known bug that causes large images to be very slow to process. This was figured out shortly after the deadline went. A post-jam bugfixed version has been uploaded, and it is strongly recommended to use that. Original version has been left up for posterity and comparison.

Concisely put, it is designed to generate draft versions of pixel art from any given image. Due to technical issues during the beginning of the development involving getting everything set up, I had to rush a bit to finish it in time, but I'm satisfied with the end result :)

It does appear to be a rather crude prototype, I know. I hope you find it interesting regardless tho ^.^

Now, if you'll excuse me..

<Author strolled over to the bed and fell asleep>

Install instructions

Extract the ZIP file to a suitable folder, and launch "piksels4yuu.exe". Be sure to read the readme file!


Piksels4Yuu Jam Version (BUGGY!) 62 MB
Piksels4Yuu Post-Jam Bugfix Edition 54 MB

Development log


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